Leave It All Behind

We run all day
Where we [?] every night
You hear us calling to the half life
There ain't no answer
There ain't no design
You can't kill what what was never alive

What was never alive x3

[Verse 1]
Fingerprints on window gla**
Lipsticks [???]
Looks like everyone dined and dashed
And left without a notice
Ragtime on a night stay
Page 44 still open
One sentence pencil underlined
Something about and [??]
Lakes are all frozen
Crops have turned to weeds
Melt down mama's wedding ring
We need bullets not jewelry
Check every cabinet for everything
See if we can siphon out some gas
We can't stick around for too long son
The sun is setting fast
[Let's stay?]

[Verse 2]
A yellowing photograph sits there
Covered in the dust of sick years
Rusted frame near the burnt Bible and bronze baby boots from when life was simpler
We remember devils in the winter
Opening the book of Revelation hoping for a single miracle to save this world
Reverend sermon summoning a serpent for the sentence of the fainting faithful
Pay [??] able
Pray when [?] the Abel
When the prayers don't work then we aim at the domes [?] from my own Earth
Then we do what we have to do to stay stable
Thank you
Move along
Leave it all behind
Mason jars and homemade honey wine
Trophy deer head
[?] for the gla** eye
Dumb survive [???] that will end with time
Shoot all the dogs in the backyard
Take the kids and put them in their Sunday clothes
Little did [we?] know that we had to go
But they could see the dust while they're in their [town hall?]
History could make a cold man cry
Even that will end with time
History is written by the rich not wise
Even that will end with time