Never Runner
(Verse 1:Cas One)
Never wanna run never gonna either
Fall right in with the key on my sneaker
Walkin' these gaps with a head full of maps
And lamp in my heart that'll better the start
Message my art with a signature scar
Winter in words like the fall in my voice
All in the choice I fall in the void
Like all is destroyed but it's all in the steps
All for the best so all in all I got a lot on my chest
No padlock though yours to keep
They told me reach for the stars
Gopt my arm held high when my mit caught scars
Bit lip well I tripped too hard
Burnt my wick but I caught my spark
You can hurt like this and still make art
Dirt in the wound from the travel and mood
Personal feuds from the twist in my guts
Fighting for breath but my wings feel cut
Far from home but I'm free as I want
Hard to explain but I sing it every night
The feeling like this is the reason I fight
There's a maze in my head and I want inside
Where the fear is dead and I got places to hide

These wounds are still bleeding
But every step has helped me grow
Into who I am
And made me better
We've crumbled to pieces
Then took those fragments and reformed
It was who we were
Now we're better, better'
(Verse 2:Cas One)
I worry too much then I worry bout that
Wonder if I'm crazy and never go back
So I talk to myself and I'm deep in the hole
This worls is mine butI'm all alone
Add to the quote that's some holes in the boat
Where I float on the hope that I'll feel at home
It's just me out here, i want a friendly face
Just to see out here, pretend it's OK
Go away so I can hold the day
While loathe the way my insides play
When I shut'em all down
Making a home from the memories I found
Breakin'em down and I'm gaining so much
Found the U N the verse and the me in the us
See all my cuts make'em bleed when I touch
Just to know I'm alive give the GENes from I to US


(Verse 3:Kristoff Krane)
Trust, only one way to live
Hungry do I'm huntin' for the kids
Sometimes we fail to recognize what we were given
Like the ability to walk and talk with our friends
When there's a fork in the road
There is always the option to stop and breathe in
Yeah, not every boy has a home
But when you're exposed to the cold it forces you to grow
Through the thick and the thin
No money I'm broke but I'll fix it again
So sonny don't blow smoke up the hole that I sit in
I'm so addicted to this skin it gets in
Side and i wanna run and hide from it
I wanna touch it but it's stuck in my high brain
Unless I die i guess I'll probably stay alive from it
If I could stomach that junkit could burst into flames