Nonchalant (eulogy by Mestizo)
Never living the life of a bon vivant
It's en passant
Skip over the whole "adulting" part!
Don’t fall right into the pits of stress
- that's overrated like Death Grips or
Your first sex experience
Less than nothing in the end

None the less
Slept on a bed of noise
Dreamt of bread and ex-girlfriend's
Beautiful mammary glands
Memories of our last shared breath

Bent the rules a couple of times
Had fisticuffs with fools and wound
Up fine
Sat in Paris drinking the finest winne
Didn’t even like it
Past the point of thinking art is pricelass
Art is dog shit on a wall
Art is magnifying vices
I'll still fight for it

Get annoyed when white kids call me
White kid cuz I'm light skinned
Never felt like them
Whatever their culture is, I'm foreign
Said "cracker" to my face
Then called my family "aliens"
Cops they see my legel name
And assume I'm slanging caine again

Officer, you're subhuman to me
I'm allergic to police
Been trying my best to hate less on
Flat-earthers or anyone searching for
Things to believe
They're trying to feel complette
All of us fighting for bites to eat
Tell me to question everything, but you
Never question conspiracy theory memes

Make your own religion
I’m a homing pigeon pecking at the
City square
Stop giving me shitty stares
I’m an infinity loop and I'm seeking
The truth though I realize it’s never

I'm Morrissey boring teens
With this fucking immaculate hair
Go ahead call me queer
That's great!
Punch me in the face
In a minute a four fingered fist will
Be hitting you quickly to show you the
Error of your petty ways
It's not cool to be abusive
It’s not cool to be Gary Busey driving
Drunk and hitting school kids
I'm too lit, burnt to a fucking crisp
Turnt till my world is flipped
Work more than Rihanns choruses
Never bored of this glorious shit