For my Disappointing Hip Hop Heroes
Most of us tried to jump of rooftops and threatened to slit our wrists at 14
Only some succeeded and missed out on the late nineties' underground rap scene
By 18 it felt beautiful to be man
To stick your d**k in pu**y holes 'til it got red
The college girls tasted like diner food and cigarette sauce
Now the grown girls taste like a dust and years of regret protein blend
Even w****s won't touch you with a stick
'Til you shave your face and lose the weight you gained in LA
'Til you start convincing people that you're not sick
And start to smile
At the babies and the puppies and the pa**ersby
With symmetrical bodies and rhythmic strides
Hidden well beneath the fog of Guilford
You've got nostalgia to kill tonight

It's been so f**king long since you've had a hero that didn't disappoint or die