Say Something
"Say something meaningful please"
It's been 3 years of stagnation, court dates, and fees
Wondering if I will go free

Nothing will satisfy me
Even if I burn this whole planet down it seems
Won't learn a thing
I'll die from risking

I've got friends who would rather end society
Because there's no way of fixing these flaws
And that's starting to make far more sense to me now
Cause we're lazy and used to what's wrong
It's been embedded inside us since our first breaths
We're destroying the world where we live
But I'm sitting here watching a T.V. in bed
Wondering why I lack happiness

Oh disappointing mouth
Say something more than
Another word about
How's your life's difficult

La la la la la la (x2)
Life is all monotony
Sprinkled with some moments of unforeseen extremes
In between more sleeping

How will the prison showers be?
Will I have to punch somebody just to get clean?
Will there be something for me to eat?

All of us are just frightened roosters in a ring
Ready to pounce and fight anything
Though none of us will ever know what freedom is
We have certainly felt lack of it

Proverbs and clichés remind me that
I should learn to appreciate what I can get
But they're forcing us to live within our own sh*t
And I wasn't born to be a pig

Oh disappointing mouth
Hold your tongue
So the cops don't come and beat the words from you
Sing in tune now!

La la la la la la (x4)