This Won’t Last Forever
Every single breath that I've taken has created me
Endless thank you's to the women who raised me
Try to keep my head cool though life keeps burning me
Sorry that I never learned how to respect authority, forgive me
Mother I swear that I'm a grown man
You taught me how to walk holding my pinky in your hand
30 years later, bearded, ready for whatever
They can hold me down for now but this won't last forever
Promise I'll be back and better
Fallen 40 stories only bled
Been trampled down and beaten, left for dead
Gambled and I lost
Gambled and I won
Don't think that i would ever take those bets back, none
From the bottom of my heart I believe in what we're doing
And don't care if it's unattainable I'll still pursue it
Oh my God I'm sorry for the sins that I was born with
But a life without a single sin is simply boring
Forgive me

Any minute now all could be gone
But I know together we're strong
Any minute now all could be gone
Stay strong
Stay strong
Adolescent rage still swimming through my veins
Knew this world was unfair at an early age
Mother, I know they never paid you a proper wage
So thank you doubly for every sacrifice you made

If we reach the end of days or i ever lose my way
I'll follow crumbs back to you and will never stray

Loved ones found
Loved ones lost
Just know that I will never forget any of them, none

They can lock me up for now but the seeds were still sown
And when i make it out I know that they'll be fully grown

Never gave a sh*t about a boss or president
If we want some real change we need to make it with our friends

Back when I was 10, sang "F**k the Police"
20 years later - know exactly what that means

They made it a sin to believe in equality
Called it criminal to fight in solidarity
To stop me they're gonna have to bury me

Any minute now all could be gone
But I know together we're strong
Any minute now all could be gone
But together we'll still be strong
Barely f**king breathing I'ma keep fists swinging
Thank you Mother for teaching us to embrace our differences
Taught me to believe that everyone is worth the same
"They'll never take us out!"
I'll scream it till I hit the grave
I could give a f**k about another ephemeral trend
I'll never waste a single word trying to please them
One minute we're here
Next minute we're dead
It's all about how we will be remembered in the end
The end