Chalie Boy
[Verse 1: Chalie Boy]
Got a bad a** face
And a body do the food
Can't help staring at her waist cause I'm in love with how she move
Look like poetry in motion when she get down in her groove
Peeping her, she peepin me, so I'm bout to see what it do
(Oh Shawty)
Look at how she wobble when she walk with it
I can tell how she look naked even though she outfitted
Now you did it, backing it up
A regular brother be packing it up
Better one tired you acting me girl
I'm known for flipping and smacking it up
Letting you know
If you let me get a hold her ain't gonna let go
Baby girl got me losing control
By the way you move fast and move it slow
Droppin it low
Pick it back up and wine on me
Bust it open grind on me
Make it feel like it's mine only
Show yo naked spine on me
Grab me by the hand, I don't know where you heading
Throw me in the corner put it on me then you got me begging
Please ! Please !
Shawty is you crazy, do da good lady

[Verse 2: Chamillionaire]
Girl my game is legendary but I hear that you the truth
Know my swagger is trough the roof and my rims looking bigger than a hola-hoop
Pretty chick the type to melt, real good shape just like my health
Soon as she says she likes my belt, hit her with a quick stroke like Michael Phelps
They call me Chamillionaire, millions yeah that's what I'm bout
I ain't talking millions cause to me ya million is not a lot
If you talk my language baby, Imma be right there on the dot
I'm a pull up on swangers baby, Southern styling in my drop
TV screens and a satellite play, I'm a tell a hater to have a nice day
Break boys off with the trunk on wave, pull up on a mini-truck like HEY!
I stay calm, super cool, telling ya girl to remove her shoes
Then I might have her twist it front and backwards like a rubrics cube
This ain't even a Mercedes she think it's a Mayback
The back seat got so much space she feel like she way back
That boy Koopa goin get jack, you don't really wanna say that
Bet that iron heat ya shirt, start'cha up like lay-flat
Never broke, twisted oak, Elvis caddy like a boat
Getcha goggles we fins to float, got air shots so getcha coat
Hold up they keep asking me how I fit them wheels up on the lac?
25 inch fifth wheel, I call it the quarterback
All the huslters in the city like "where the heck you order that?"
Big wheel that's on the back, this one wheel just 'ford a flat
H-town still on the map, Texas boys still known to stack
Texas boys still known to stack, like Mike Jones I brought it back
Hooked up with that Chalie Boy I know it's been a little minute, trick
So much green, all this cheese, makes me want some spinach dip
Girl tell me I be talking fly, I was born like tell me why
You talking when I'm talking you are the weakest link, goodbye !
Used to have a lil money problem, used to have a lil money holder
Now my wallet so stretched out that I walk around with a money folder
Made my quarter, made a quarter, then I turn that to a milli
Ya girl leeking while listening to me
How can you compete with me, really?