Chalie Boy
Flying Iron Winged Land Mines
[Verse 1 - Currensy]
With the squeak of new sneakers
Bose speakers and rally striped two seaters
Alternate actress b*t*hes
Double features
Your arms too short to box
So with peace you greet us
For the steps I walk and guided
In my presence the ocean divided
Even mother nature showed favor
Robins baskin backwards
Baggin my gra** in thirty one flavors
N***as ain't half... or twenty five percent
Live as i.. they dyin to be it
Ocean drive
I close my eyes and see it still
Got a place in my heart
So I talk with my realtor
Private terraces, measurements: lost
Something you n***as ain't never been: boss
Can't find your mom and your dad
In the grocery store panicking: lost

Jet life on lil n***as, for real

[Verse 2 - Fiend]
5 am rose bottle still chillin, still chillin
All-international Jones; hi, I'm illin, hi I'm..
Ghost specs, smoke the best
'Nuff fresh, congregation amended
Told me "hold the water" can't stand it
I'm cooly, cooly on the rapping
But who got action?
I ball a gram, I ball again
Y'all saw the Benz?
Who's got Ghost, 2 coupes, lot of Chevy's
Plenty of chrome spokes, I spoke, they knew
Money talk, I move, they see money walk
What? You didn't get enough mantime?
Naw, you was doing business like a
Cambodian landmine? Stock some bombs
Pop some bongs. Money never sleep
In the night I beat - harm, harm

You know it's time to wake up, playa..