Chalie Boy
I Look Good (Pre$idential Remix) “Preview”
I ain't even gotta put it on Cheri, just look at me (look at me)
So it's pointless to tell you it's good
Some say that I'm conceited, (uunnhh) that's your opinion
I'm fresh though, keepin' that t**le, it's never-endin'
Extendin' the maximum, they hate when we mackin' em; Yung Ca$h is the Cap-i-tain, Officially happenin
We Certified taggin em, stay strapped with a mag-i-num; You haters in back of him, kool a** n***as
I'm a fool with my tool, no vh1
You step-daddy to the game, Deuce d-a-done (think about it)
Exorcism procedure to any instro's
Your bars ain't like mine, the difference, I really meant those
Fresher than mentos breath enhancers
Weight bench bullets, new age chest expandors
Stay backpack strapped, call me Ca$h the explorer
Get thrown a**, whether or not I know her, cause

[Hook: Chalie Boy]
On my mama, on my hood
I look fly, I look good
Touch my swagg, wish you could
I look fly, I look good

I look good(x8)