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London on da Track

"There He Go (Edited)"

Huh? (We got London on da Track), okay
Look (I'm in London got my beat from London)

You know I ain't never had **** (Okay)
Now I'm somewhere in a meeting getting my *** kissed (No Homo)
By a white man 'cause his daughter **** with my ad-libs (Uh-oh)
I done dropped **** in her friend, I'm like, "My bad, sis" (My bad)
That ***** act like he too good, even for a bad ***** (Uh-huh)

[Verse 1]
I'm a buy a Lambo 'fore this album hit the fans
Tell the valet park my **** at the front, I'ma hit the gas (Let's go)
I just did five shows, three days, came out with the bag (Bag)
Pockets swole, 45K and a four-five, so I sag
If a fat ***** know how to get some money, I'll **** a fat ***** (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Gotta show coming up in London and got London on da Track (Yuh)
I give a fan a high five in the airport, she did a backflip (Oh my God, ahh)
I just went Platinum and I'm coming back like

Huh? Okay
Looking for me?
Huh? Okay
Looking for me?
Here I go
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