Split Personality
[Intro: Dr. Dre]
Yeah, I'm just sittin' in the lab, I'm...
My name is Dr. Dre, and
I want all you mothaf**kers out there to know
That I have a split personality (*Mr. Ski chuckles*)
And sometimes I just, exit through these things, you know
Ha ha, you know, hell yeah..

[Break: E-A-Ski]
Mr. Ski n***a
I'm takin' over sh*t Dre

[Verse 1: Dr. Dre]
Diagnosis, multiple personality disorder of modern day
With modern tech, jugglin' hard in a Leg' versus manslaughter
I took a swig of the potion and it sent me coastin'
With visions of my Alter-Ego hittin' three wheel motion
"Is it Dre, is it Dre"
No that Ski in a purple 6-tray G.T.A
Killin' any mothaf**ker walkin'
And all these n***as in these magazines that keep on talkin'
Don't get twisted, I been there, I done that
But Ski's out control and maniac
He just show me that he got my back "I just show him I got your back"
See, in a lot of there, I'm straight
I'm Dr. Dre, but after stroke of mid night
I’m Mr. Ski A.K.A. Dooms Day
Concocted the sh*t up in my lab
With Mr. Ski up in my head, bringin' on the Aftermath
You can see the stars runnin' from the sky
Tryin' to get away from Dr. Dre and Mr. S-K-I

[Hook 2x]
[E-A-Ski] the Doctor should've told you, Mr. Ski is fatal to your health
[Dr. Dre] I'm livin' on another level that y'all ain't been yet
[E-A-Ski] the Doctor should've told you, Mr. Ski is fatal to your health
[Dr. Dre] yo, the life style that I'm livin' is just too complex
[Verse 2: E-A-Ski]
It's Mr. Ski and Dr. Dre, can't stop this maniacal individual
To start showin' level, with 7.0 on your digital
I'm tryin' to take over sh*t like Buddy-love
But this professor ain't nutty and he can't do it, any herpe dove
I was the madness that brought on Dre Day
Such this time Dr. Dre, he's the one is gonna pay
I dropped this bud, strain in his brain and shed it off
And have them slangin' guns to them females wouldn't set it off
I do dirt, and tied up his body and break free
Witnesses saw Dr. Dre but it was really Mr. Ski
You might think it's insane, but it's a clever scheme
Dre don't know sh*t, he wake up in the morning thinkin' it was a dream
Put his a** to sleep and soak his game up
Steady mobbin', hopin' to get this mothaf**ker brained up
I can't stop till I succeed, then I can break free
No longer Dr. Dre, n***a it's Mr. Ski

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: Dr. Dre]
I start shakin'
Test tools and bottles start breakin' (*gla** crush*)
My Ulti-Eagle starts overtakin'
Instantly spinnin' around like the ma**
Tossin' that sh*t up off like a twister
No longer, the docter or Mister "Ski"
I can't hold it back
I'm trapped behind the walls of my brains, tryin' to count a rack
"even though tryin' to fight"
My vocal tone ignited into a loud scream "how high"
It's time to get the f**k up off, yeah
[Verse 4: E-A-Ski]
I’m on the loose like 2Pac from Juice
God bless the dead
But I'm already dead from trauma to the head
I'mma verbal Manslaughter on the Mic
Bumpin' in your trunk, shatterin' your gla** from the street life
Nobody wants to play with me so I'm drillin' them
I'll be back like Swords n***a, so I can finish killin' them
If you want music to drive-By
Torment minds like yours and Dr. Dre
But all I think about is S-K-I

[Hook 2x]

[Outro: Mr. Ski]
(*exaggerate chuckles*)