Northern Califoolya
“Rick Rock”
“Has a message for…”
“The Bay Area”
“To accept the message press 1”

[Verse 1:]
(Ugh, ugh)
We flow for about five years ago, when we lost a down
But I had faith in the game
So I knew that one day that sooner or later it got to come back around
E-40 Water held his ground
Kept ma foot in the fast lane, flew uppidy on mesmerized
Cuz I snuck up in up out d game, you makin' a 40 Water cd
An get you penalized (penalized)I Promise you that you get your face kicked man (face kicked man)
Astonishing, you never know who know who beat you black an blue
Demolish you have you lookin' just like the bottom of ma shoe
The game, the game feeds off us (feeds off us)the industry an all the slangin speeches (speeches)
So we had to do what we like (do what we like)
Unite, come together like a fist to a mic
I'm from the block where they raise you up, tuck Glocks shot's blaze you up
Big shot n***as fade you up, I'm in the cut where they fade you up
5-0-9, you can page me but I'm a hustla
Bust you wit the Mac, never trust you wit the sack
In fact, when you ready get fetti out d Lac
I'll block patrol dead presidents an pesos, stack money an I chase hoes
I give em blues, tattooes on who to choose, quitters never win an I don't plan to lose
I check shoes, rich watch, an pocket books, been a crook
Califoolya made ya look

The lan of the hustlas an slick choppas
Ambulance gurneys an helicopters
Gangstaz an playas an street ballas
Game spittas like 40 the colla popper[x2]

[Verse 2:]
Hey boy, I'm a Bay boy
An I rep every block that I'm on, every city I roam
From the state that is golden, state where the youngstas keep holdin
Feds an the narcs be patrollin
Northern California, come an take a look (come an take a look)
Crankin' off the hook (crankin' off the hook)
Everybody's crooks (everybody's crooks)
They be bringin you robberies, you can come mob wit me
We can be violent we broke plus we smoke
Blow on the best of dro, it's Frisco, now who's the next to go?
The calico would make a playa hater rest fo' sho
Califoolya, San Quinn reppin' the moe
Yeah I run up in a party mayne an rep ma district
(An rep ma district), an run up on yo boy like “N***a what is it?”
I sell each zones (uh huh), they sell like stones (uh huh)
Frisco, California we stay off them phones (ha-ha)
An I'll show you some thangs draw down, pull out the pilly son, an show you the rain
Show you poor hustla n***as the game like turnin one into two
It'll cost you more if I'm squattin em through
West Coast n***a! (West Coast n***a!), I'm just lettin' you know
The home of Scalen, Sic Wid It, an Death Row (whoo!)
You still get that blow an that doe an wear them watches wit the tic-tac-toe (what!)

[Verse 3:]
This nice guy role's been a God damn cover up (ugh)
We ride on yo block wit the Mac, hit a n***a up (huh)
God damn it! It's Northern Califoolya (right) this Mac gon' do ya (ugh)
I swear it's gon' do ya (yea)
The thought's all wrong when it comes to this north side (north side)
I ain't lettin mothaf**kin sh*t slide (nah)
Gangsta, hustlas, pimps, dope dealers (ugh), tec's, Glock's, A-R's are real n***a
We shoot through your chest (ugh), cardiac arrest
Now you floatin through the sky, may God Bless
Who am I? Mr. Ski, apply pressure, the 40 Water call mi “SKI” (hey)
The most aggressive
I was raised up where we say “blood” an “cuz”
Gang bang, slang cane, breed killas an thugs
I gave up sports, an started sellin drugs
Use to be a car thief but now I spendin love to bars
I'm a star; I was born one (born one)ma jersey is throw back, but never toss ma gun
The task force hit the dock ma moms got stopped, ironic
An rep East O but not from New York son
I get money like Suge, Master P, an Russell an build up ma franchise cuz since the money is muscle
I f**k wit the switch in the front before an everybody says “fo' sheezy”
But where ma credit go?

Northern Califoolya game
We've all been properly introduced
To uphold this yay mayne
Cuz if we don't check it from the womb
We gon' check it from the balloon
Still serve in mind I'm pushin the number one tea spoon
Northern Califoolya playin, mac's, pimp's, an ho slayers
Were made sharper than the Gillette blue blade straight out the pack
Cuz Northern Califoolya's the snake
To start the strike, clear folks an judges up have plenty of this light
So don't get caught up goin' to the spoon by noon
Ya dig?
Because you'll be missin that coochie cuz you be on yo way to the bitter hoochie