Trust Nobody
Its kinda funny n***as running up
Trying to show me much love
Cause a motherf**ker just dropped an album
Now they wanna kiss a**
But hold up b*t*h all your getting is a luck pa**
Trying to gank me for my ducket
I tried to put you down with the SKI & CMT you said f**k it
Only came around when things was kinda cool
But did you really think I'd go out like a f**king fool
Oh hell no, I kept my sh*t tight
Now the Ski & CMT is sitting on something right
Your like a gold digging b*t*h from the neighborhood
Thats why I slide on your a** cause it makes me feel good
All this sh*t you talk when im not around
Get your crown on n***a but you still ain't down
I got something for ya'll
A nin-millimeter that will drop you to the floor b*t*h
Cause if I trust ya for a minute
You would have had a motherf**king knife in my back then bent it
I gotta get ya first
Cause a n***a like ? is the n***a that will f**k you the worst
Punk a** n***a kinda jocking now
You ain't down cause I trust nobody

[Chorus/Master P]
I trust nobody x2

[Master P]
One by one in this century
Brothers are dying getting killed
And sent to penitentary's
And your right hand man could have been a snitch
You think like a hoe you go out just like a b*t*h
So face 'em to the facts bro'
And end up dead like this other n***a I used to know
I guess its kinda sad G
But it really didn't face me til the funeral car pa**ed me
And what about them tagalongs
Them mother mother f**kers that are driving with the lights on
Could have been the killers
But nobody really cares he died on dope dealers
But that dont mean sh*t, cause a n***a like me pack a 9 and 3 clips
And I dont trust a soul from them n***a by my house
To them n***as down by the store
When n***as say they like me
Thats the same motherf**kers in the game that tried to shice me
Mama say boy you have no friends, ha
I should have listened then
Dour n***as rolled up with the ski-masks
Pointed the tech-nine out the window but they didn't blast
When n***as said freeze P
I thought to myself, huh, this n***a knows me
But I didn't find it funny
Pulled out my motherf**king 9 when they asked me for my f**king money
But he didn't even shoot
He must have didn't have no bullets in the gun no time to think
Im steady pullin' I blast for the driver to the pa**enger
Four n***as dead in the car I laugh at ya
Now I gotta see, pull of the ski mask of this n***a that was calling me
I guess Its kinda sad, a tear rolled down my eye cause I knew his a**
His name was little Peewe
Thats the same motherf**king n***a I was trying to help G
Good thing I thinked fast, cause if I think a n***a gonna do me
Im gonna do his a**, cause a b*t*h will get you killed
N***as like to steal, and ain't no thing is a good dope deal
So I live just like John Montgotti, ha
I Trust Nobody


[Master P]
Yeah you know what im saying this goes out to all my n***as out there
In the game you know what im saying
You gotta keep your eyes open you know, a lot of n***as try to get
N***as, and the same n***a that you rolling with could be the n***a
Trying to get you, so a n***a like me you know what im saying
I trust nobody I hope you n***a catch on to what im saying

Peace. Im outtie