Dr. John


Is represented in the Bible by a stone
Is thrown in a river and lost in a storm
And never, never, ever again
Will anybody ever wanna call you they home

This is how you're gonna sink, now
I don’t care whatever you may think, now
I'm gonna bring my wrath down on you, now
So you'll feel the weight of truth, now

Gonna drop you like a rock of ages in the sea
And disappear like a pebble in eternity
Nobody wants to save what’s best left dead
A tidal wave is gonna dig your grave


Never ever again will you ever hear
The sweet sound of no beautiful singer's voice
No angels playing guitars
Or plucking on they harps
No flutes, no trumpet players
Will be left back of Bouchon
Ain't gonna be no ditch diggers, no construction workers
No pimps, no hustlers, no jaw j*rkers
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