See them twenty fours on that chevy
Ridin' clean on the scene
Blowing green in the trunk
Four fifteens that will leave a n***a slump
If I think he trying to scheme
Out the shelf I got a dump
Out this fukin magazine
That ain't really what you want
Twenty inch plasma screen
I came out here to stunt
Fendi candy on the frame music bangin'
Let it drop let me hit it let me bang
Tempos screamin' out the trunk
Fifty n***as be switchin' lanes b*t*h
And guess who in the front
You can hear my music bang miles away from where you from
Hundredthousand dollar chain anything to catch a stunt
Ain't anything off in this game gemini gon' get with looking
Wetter than when it rain when that paint job hit the sun
If you come in here to stain on my seats you better don't
You ain't dealing with no lame gemini gon' get it crunk
Keep a Glock 9 handy i'm coming down on candy