[Intro: Unidentified man & Lupe Fiasco]
Unidentified man: So Lu who’s next man? Who's up and coming in the game?
Lupe: Next kid, um, well of course my man, um, Gemini, from the South Side of Chicago, uh good kid, good MC
Know what I’m saying, got some fire. For real though, but you’ll see

[Intro: Gemini]
First and fifteenth n***as
Yeah, uh huh, feel me on this one

[Verse: Gemini]
I done grew to be a monster, 8 n***a face of a killer
Addicted to the taste of liquor, so I pray for my liver
I gotta get up out my mamma’s basement
She need some more space and I feel her, fuck could I do but take the sweet with the bitter
On top of that just had a baby delivered
Child support chasing a n***a, but I ain’t got no paper to give ‘em
Water leaking from the cracks of the ceiling
Couple roaches here and there but they ain’t half as bad as in the beginning
It’s like they always showed their ass whenever company visit
And then that black flag splashed ‘em and they finally diminished
Losing ambition, graduated school by inches
Eating Ramen noodle soup cuz ain’t no food in the kitchen
Taking baths with the same shit we use with the dishes
This is unconstitutional to you but I live it
Could move and distribute but I’m cool cuz I ain’t trying to do prison
You couldn’t walk inside my shoes unless you truthfully lived it
This is far from just some more Chicago n***a
With cars and bitches running through Chicago twisting
This is top flow Picasso picture
12 car garage door lifted, just better pray them Glock 4's don’t
Why’s my best friend hoping I fail? Molded him well
Love him but fuck him, he can get the bulk of the shells
I write my life in a notepad and hope that it sells
Cuz broke or in jail ain't cutting it like coke on the scale
Get toast by the belt, too blind to fucking post it in braille
Loading my shells I’m focused on a soul who I kill
No coat shall I tail, coasting on this boat that I sail
I float with the whales, a free Willy cannot go to jail
Cause I swore that I'd be 6 feet in a pine box cold
Before I let the streets of South Chicago swallow my soul
I seen too many friends before me choose that horrible road
Couldn’t harbor the load, froze, and they swallowed ‘em whole
Until you n***as is probably plotting to rob me and scram
Just call it quits, you be dead before you count the first grand
You may get far as Queen Latifah and the rest of her friends
You won’t pull a Jada Pinkett, you can trust that fam
So I'm screaming help me dearly with tears in my pants
I’ll be found in the cemetery buried next to my grams
I get dirty like 2 Mexican hands dropping the trans
Chopping up grams cause me starving is not in the plans