Dynasty Freestyle
[Verse 1: Gemini]
(Uh...Yeah. FnF Up! Gemini! Check! Uh. Look. Uh)
June 20th a Gemini is born
From the womb of miss Latonya, like to thank Almighty God
Life's been nothing but a beauty to me, minus all the scars
Let my CD be my eulogy if death should overcome
Envy me cause all this jewelry that's hanging off my arm
Address any beef cause truthfully I fear no man but God
It ain't nothing you can do to life is in his palms
Sent my enemies to shoot at me, I pray for every one
Learned about the birds and the bees watching dirty porn
Pops you let me go through puberty without you...You was wrong
Love my step pops but truthfully we never had a bond
Can't be mad at that cause biologically I'm not his son
Even when I'm at my best, I'm still equal to a crumb
I'm so insecure, had my self-esteem snatched young
If you a beast then prove to me you grew to be what I've become
I do this in my sleep, goofy, no one eats until I'm done
Teachers called me dumb, grant my school was so damn boring
I don't know how I passed, sat in class all day drawing
But with the help of Almighty God I made it through Bowen
Gave me a fake diploma, and ever since that day I've been sewing
Can't waste a moment, every day I wake I pray for atonement
To save a place in Heaven's gates, it's safe to know where you going
Nobody knows the day when Gable's trumpet gone start blowing
And you separated by your faith, and it's all over in moments
I do this for the homeless, all the hustlers hugging the corner
With crack and marijuana focused on a stack cause they hunger
That little boy that all the rappers influenced, clapping and stomping
No Papi to school him, happy selling crack to his momma
I do this for that little girl that's having sex for new jumpers
Unprotected, pregnant, infected cause she let n***as run her
Somehow, I always knew I'd be the one to survive
Stop putting diesel in them needles as a way to get high
Should be illegal how it's set up for our race to divide
Girl, you young and beautiful...make them wait for the pie
Don't do the usual, and bet he gone inspect you in time
Lord, give me strength to speak to the blind
Said if I seek I shall find
Black people this is theme for the mind
And I ain't preaching, I'm just reaching my kind
Reality for the grind
Before I leave I'm trying to save me some lives
George Bush will never take me alive
N***a life's been gutter, mainly cause of our skin color
So when it rain, let the brain beith your umbrella
I give a shout to all the single parent mothers
Families of all the innocent victims that die for nothing
If we don't fight, then we bugging, it's obvious we gon' suffer
The consequences is real, and they talking 'bout repercussions
My people, we struggling for everything to be all right...
Motherfucker we got to fight
[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
I give you ten albums
That's like a thousand minutes
Then add a thousand minutes with it
To all my inner city citizens
And my gremlins standing on the wing
Ripping apart the plane
We invented the twist like when you putting lemon in
I'm a rider like, backstage food gimmie my
Welcher's grape juice and my M&Ms
Your sound man adapt then get back to disassembling
See I got world status, that's global positioning
Not navigation but, a local n***as aspiration to never go to the hood again
Start traveling, far away from where the Vice lords and GD's battling
That was like 94 so I fast forward to 2006
If you handing out birthday licks for the rhymes hit him 2000 times
That's how far ahead of the game they are
Scissors beat paper, plane take car
I used to take train, now my brain make bar
Now lookie here how I take this plane straight to Mars
N***a what