Don’t Like
I lyrically never been afraid of a battle
B.I.G. was the greatest rapper to ever sit up in the throne
Finally made it so the only thing that matters to me now
Is get my mama out the hood and put her in a bigger home
I can never leave it alone, especially when I’m in the zone
Was taught to eat the meat and leave the bones
Beat up any song
Give me speed or tone
Be the stones
And he think it be Bone when the heat is on
Move with the speed of a cheetah
Seeder plus turn they victims into believers
When I’m up a back I got to flow 'em all
Still remain undefeated but I’d be nothing if it wasn't for Jesus
And so for that I owe it all to God
Sometimes the eye clues eating
I got em feening for the Son and I’m bringing
I go bananas when them dirty jaw
Verbally murder whatever delicate element
Forever gon' represent for my people cause I love 'em all
For every teacher that told me that I would never be nothing
Other than in a penitentiary or underground
Every hater that put a stumbling block in my way
Hoping to never make it to thinking they gon' pull me down
Pump the ba** and you gone really feel it
No compet**ion there for me run me my cake and I’ma really kill it
You feel a kicking to get it popping up illigit and get into something
Willing to challenge any rapper that want it anybody can get it
I do this for the ghetto people that really live it
That be feenin' mo' in the heated lyrics
To haters that never do nothing but give me criticism
I hit 'em with everything in my soul
That I know to give em it’s over with
Hold up a note of it and close it
It’s over with so you notice that its protocol
Verbally murder whatever delicate element
Forever gon' represent for my people cause I love 'em all
You don’t like that?

Police Officer: We have a suspect, a six foot black male. He’s in his early thirties, traveling in a big red monster truck. Lyrically armed and dangerous

Preacher: God said. See the beat has been murdered. The Don’t Like beat is not coming back, it has been laid to rest. You must prepare yourselves cause Gemstones may do your beat and God