Run Boy
[Hook: Bumps INF]
Got yesterday in my brain, the monotony is insane
Feeling like man I'm never gon' change saying uh oh
Got yesterday in my brain, the monotony is insane
Feeling like man I'm never gon' change (feeling like)
Run boy, I run boy, I run boy till I'm gone
I run boy, I run boy, I run boy till I'm home
I run boy, I run boy, I run boy till I'm gone
I run boy, I run boy, I run boy till I'm home

[Verse 1: Bumps INF]
Repenting to the Father, still dealing with the sins of a father
The apple didn't fall too far from the tree, when the flesh go and check your boy is a monster
I'm just kinda used to being honest, when I don't put God over a dollar
Man the bar kinda dropping like a 64 bottle (ooh)
Man you probably heard me on the Martyrs in the Making
Talking 'bout how we don't be getting down with the fakeness
Whether it's grace or a great sin
Any statement that I made you can take it to the bank then
Drop bars like a state pen, up under the law of a nation
Where you could legally kill a baby or black boy
Speak on that boy they call you a racist
But my Father is greatness, literally the epitome of whatever great is
Pencil Him in as the definition of perfect you see me working the purpose
Is to make Him more famous
So I'm running where my lane is, still praying for the day when the pain lift
Yelling out maranatha, bless ya, come quick, come quick cause I'm anxious
And my record is spotless, I'm a mess, I'll forget where my God is
Nevertheless I confess whenever I'm in distress
I'm at rest cause I know that He got this
Still never broke a promise, undefeated but He steady speaking to my conscience
Homie I know God lives, tell my destiny he gotta hold the key like a locksmith

[Verse 2: GemStones]
Feeling like I'm locked in a box, feeling like I'm trapped in a cell
Every time I try to do it on my own forgetting that only the things I do for God will prevail
Covered in the blood that was dropped from the nail that was lodged in his hand and his feet
As He hung from the top looking down as they mocked Him and yelled I cannot go to hell
From the killer windy city shocking detail where the shorties be screaming CHI-RAQ
And got they own dialect if you look with your eye intact it'll probably turn you pale
Pocket full of shells, chopper bout as long a a Pontiac could smell the kush burning from they Pelle Pelles'
Lift the den where the lions at on the strip but they dying that don't get it till we lying back with a bullet in our tail
Cool it with the tales obituaries honor the readers but they fool the one who make the ale we inhale
I'm receiving You Jesus I believe You died on the cross for my freedom I believe the teachings receive 'em if you will
Every knee will kneel every tongue will speak up
There'll be a time when disbelievers is non-believers we'll be far too late in a season to receive Him
They let the devil deceive 'em, you was freed that day that Jesus died and payed the bill


[Verse 3: Bizzle]
Living in the U.S.A, it's like a war when the Lord here
The enemy running a muck and we can see it and nobody wanna do a thing
God Over Money do a bang
All glory to Yeshua name Lord they don't want us giving You the praise
They wanna put Him on a curfew, they believing it's too late
They done took Him out of school what's next they gon' take Him out of church too
It'll be over my dead body, whether guillotine or lead showers, I hear the feds knocking
The police run up on me if the Lord never told me go in peace, I'm a bed rock you
Lord tell me what to do know
The death threats got me ready to lay a whole platoon down
Feel they got me losing my cool now but if You say I'll put my hands up and my tool down
Oh Father just what are we coming to
I remember vividly when they all looked up to You
Now they go believing every YouTube video we lose too many over new-school substitutes
They don't know the word never read a day
So they let the atheist tell 'em what to say
Or the pastor tell 'em if they repent God'll give 'em a Benz if He don't they'll never stay
Want it now right now so they never prayed
They want it to fall right down like the metal rain
Everybody wanna progress but nobody wanna play a part of the process to a better way
I know we hardheaded, it should be good enough that God said it
But everybody wanna see the proof that fat mean greasy til they heart failing, I believe you