’Till I Collapse
[Verse: Crooked I]
When I’m speaking, Long Beach is breathing
You could put your ear to the concrete
And hear my heart beating beneath the streets even
As my every breath deepens
You're standing on my chest that’s the reason
The sidewalk underneath your feet is even
To feel them East Side winds breezing
The broken stoplights flashing, that’s my pulse beating
Ima ghost creeping, and there’s no sleeping
No blinking my eyes no I won’t even
The city’s alive in the cold season
The temperature drops when the thoughts I’m thinking are below freezing
I pneumonia the whole region(You ain't hard)
So you thinking of leaving but nothing can (safeguard)
You from me I can reach you as soon as I (take charge)
Of the weak while they sleep deep in they dreams then I wake 'em and make'em a(braveheart)
Seed at you and I swallow the deceased because my stomach’s a (graveyard)
I eating people and beefing (thank god)
You won’t live in my city, I mean live in my body
Cause I am long beach, plus spitting's my hobby
Super sick skills got me sittin’ on big wheels
N***a clique still the villain's willing to mix quills
Never switch reels, shits realin' to feel
Women and children’ll get killed when we ill n***a big deal
I’m sending any to sleep when you send me the beef
It’s war paint on my face like an Indian chief
I’m an identity thief I’m only leaving my enemies teeth
A homicide to identify a hideous beast
It’s ironic because I hit 'em with the prettiest piece
The way I did 'em don’t ask me is he deceased?
You n***as is meice (mince meat)
I’m white tee give me a crease
My city’s the beach
I’m dumb flow idiot speech
Strong arm gimme a piece
Long arm plenty of reach
Touch you n***as up from Philly to Greece
You don’t wanna die do you?
Soon as I pull the heat out, bullets’ll drive through you
Slugs love to eat out
The way they knock your meat out is quite a surprise to you
Stay out of a ridaz view is what I would advise to you
Cause this is COB until you kill me
I’m 44 weeks deep you n***as better feel me