[Intro: Obie Trice]
Can we re-enact Biggie's song?
Can you sh*t on me? I just want you to sh*t on me, Obie

[Hook: Eminem]
Hey lady, hey darling, hey baby, I'm sorry
(I don't think you really wanna be my girl)
But I can't be, your boyfriend if you toy with
My mothaf**kin' emotions
(f**king with me could be dangerous)
I'll kill you, b*t*h I'm f**king for real, I'll make you suffer
(You never know what I may really be like in real life)
Like I suffered, if you f**k me, then I'll make you fall in love
(I'm the type, that might flip and get a little bit crazy)

[Verse 1: Obie]
Baby I'm extra large (huge) in magnitude
And Magnums the lubrication that I use
To chose which hole on a ho I abuse
Have 'em confused, can't tell who is who
When I f**k the sh*t out you, then the next day (b*t*h)
I'll rush the sh*t out you off my two-way (ooh wait)
You wanna cuddle, emotional hustle up on Pocono's
Poke ya nose in and outta Obie's own
No, I'm in and out your home
And this in, and out your tone
I ain't the n***a that settles 'em down
Put 'em in nice homes and floss 'em around
I bounce 'em around, camcord the sex
And sell 'em around town, how that sound?
If I was in love with ya, now you wanna clown?
f**k with them clowns until I pound on your crown
Bust a few rounds and the cops come and get me
Bad mouth a n***a just to convince a jury
You don't want it with me, you just horny as me
You want a nut, nothing but what it should be
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