"Eat It"

[Verse 1]
Sixteen years old and completely unstoppable
I can't be dropped so I'm considered undroppable
Step my way and you must be insane
Don't come near me if you don't like pain
Suckers keep talkin' and I just about had it
This is my game and I'm the best at it
I write the rules and I'm the best in my division
I win by a knockout, never decision
Don't even try it punk, just forget to wish
Unless you like to eat fish and don't f**k with this
Silly suckers talkin' trash is one thing I can't stand
You wanna talk trash, go be a garbage man
So I treat you like garbage, throw your ass away
So you better start breaking out before you get taken out
My rhymes are like food because you always need it
But, yo, you wanna bite it punk? I'll make you eat it

[Verse 2]
Any emcee that wanna be like me
Stop wishing then come back to reality
You don't have what it takes, too many mistakes
I'm sorry to tell you but those are the breaks
With the brains of a scientist and the rhymes of a poet
Don't tell me that I'm good because I already know it
Never has there been someone with this much potential
Always pack a mic because it's simply essential
Using the microphone as a murderous weapon
Put it to my mouth cause all the suckers are steppin'
Don't try to play me out, because I'm not a game
Now I'mma see, things are gonna change
Don't ask me to battle if we have what you're losin'
Don't pick up a mic if you don't know how to use it
The mic is not a toy, and I'm not a little boy
If you're thinkin' 'bout laughin' remember
I'm the one employed
This is not a band and we're not a bunch of singers
It's Emcee Double M and DJ Butterfingers
Now because of his name, that don't mean he slips
Two is called a duo and this song is called a hit
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