"Rap on Steroids"

[Intro: Jahlil Beats]
Jahlil beats, holla at me!

[Verse 1: Royce da 5'9"]
Philadelphia meet Detroit
Time to shut your mouth (where your money at?)
Now it's time to show these motherf**kers what's the fuss about (time to go!)
What you dealing with lyrically?
A couple lyricists who don't miss
n***as ask if Black and Nickle get together for an album, what you gon' get?
You gon' get rap on steroids, rap on steroids

n***as that's silencers on the nozzle
You won't feel the clap, you'll only hear the noise

Ya'll got these hoes pegged so wrong while you hotel checkin'
I gotta pay these hoes just to keep their clothes on like I'm Odell Beckham
I'm flyer than a hat on Elroy
I just took it back to the Jetsons

I with the static like I got a Crooked I
Near an open exit with a bad connection

Cause no matter where you go
You're f**ked if this rubber grip roll back in your direction
What you lookin' at? That's for your protection

This that rap on steroids, n***a, that rap on steroids
I just spit more clairvoyant raps
Than it take to make you half paranoid
Clap a gun at any day or night
Stand over his body then pray to Christ
Like "you gave me life so I'm gon' throw you back one, dear lord"

I'mma throw back one like Fab on the 'Gram
Garage look like it's sponsored by Hasbro
Got the whole ave going HAM
Y'all don't know with what y'all are dealing
I'm on every block, my team bigger
Cause I rap anything I wanna got
The only thing I don't got is feelings
n***a my mind so clear
Feels like every thought is visine drippin'

No I'm not a lean drinker, but over that Fetty Wap I lean n***as
This that....
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