"Welcome 2 Detroit"

[Intro: Trick Trick & Eminem]
Welcome to motherf**kin' Detroit, goddamn it
Wonder boy, sh*t
Yeah, yeah, Tricky
Let's show 'em some love!
Welcome to Detroit!

[Chorus: Eminem]
Where's my gangstas and all my thugs?
Throw them hands up and show some love
And I welcome you to Detroit city
I said welcome to Detroit city
Every place, everywhere we go
Man, we deep everywhere we roll
Ask around and they all know Tricky
Ask what's good, man, they all say Tricky

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Click click boom, just as soon as we hit the room
You can hear 'em holla "Goon Sqwad!" in this b*t*h
Let me hear you holla "Goon Sqwad!" in this b*t*h
Let me hear you holla "Runyon Ave!" in this b*t*h
So who am I gonna call on when I ain't got them boys with me
And the situation gets a little sticky?
I'ma dial 911 like a motherf**kin' punk
f**k that, bla bla, I'ma call that rude boy from Detroit
Trick Trick, quick, come pick me up!
Bring them guns, come to the club, meet me out front
There's some chump up in this b*t*h
Poppin' some junk ‘cause he's drunk
And we may have to f**k his ass up
‘Cause uh, somethin' smells a lil fishy
And I don't like the way his boys keep lookin' at me
So homie, come get me,
Wonder Boys, what up doe, I see you
Rock Bottom, yeah I see you, all my Detroit people
Where you at? Man, let me see them hands in the sky
Detroit, motherf**kers, till we die
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