"Get Off My Nuts"

Ayo, what do you think about, two grown ass men, living together?
Haha, alright, what do you think about, another grown ass man
Living right upstairs from them?
Well, them two grown ass men living together on my nuts
And that's you right above them
Get the f**k off them!

[Bridge X2]
Run that sh*t back DJ Whoo Kid!
Run that sh*t back one more time!

When I rhyme, somehow I think I must be subliminally throwing
Viagra at these fags that got these hard-ons for me
But I suppose anything goes when it comes to my flows
Nothing is off limits, except for Michael's nose
I didn't know, I'm so sorry, please tell me what I can do
To make it up to those of you who I offended
Ooh, I got it, I got an apology for Steve Harvey too
It's in my pocket, uh, wait, here it is: f**k YOU!

Hey! What do you say, Andre? What's new?
Life is good, man I'm chilling, 50 how bout you?
Yayo's out of jail, Buck is out on bail, we'll get through, we always do
ODB, rest in peace, G-G-G-unit!
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