"Final Day (Tupac Thug Theory Remix)"

16 on Death Row, Death Row
That's where mothaf**kas is endin' up
16 on Death Row

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Dear Mama, they sentenced me to death
Today's my final day, I'm countin' every breath
I'm bitter ‘cause I'm dying, so much I haven't seen
I know you never dreamed your baby would be dead at 16
I got beef with a sick society
That doesn't give a sh*t
And they too quick to say goodbye to me
They tell me the preacher's there for me
He's a crook with a book
That mothaf**ka never cared for me
He's only here to be sure I don't drop a dime to God
About the crimes he's committin' on the poor
And how can these people judge me?
They ain't my peers, and in all these years
They ain't never love me
I never got to be a man, must be part of some big plan
To keep a n***a in the state pen
And to my homies out buryin' mothaf**kas
Steer clear of these Aryan mothaf**kas
‘Cause once they got you locked up
They got you trapped, you're better off gettin' shot up
I'm convinced self-defense is the way
Please, stay strapped, pack a gat every day
I wish I would've known while I was out there
Now I'm straight headin' for the chair
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