"Got Some Teeth"

There's a lot of b*t*hes up in here tonight boy
I'm about to get drunk
Let's hold down
Where the bar at?

[Verse 1]
Okay, okie dokey Obie's here
No more Focus Hobo's got a career
And I like your brassiere and there's a party in here
And I'm ready to talk naughty in Veronica's ear
She erotic and it's hot, saw Heineken beer
Put it to the side and invite her to "Cheers"
Pull up a chair, n***a swear no drama
Prepare for a player who's working with a monster
I ain't got time to waste, let's vacate the place
Shut blinds and drapes, grind to your face in a grimy state
Concentrate, you will find that your bound to get
But we found what's fate
We can watch two incredible mates masturbate
Why settle and wait
Let's escalate to the nearest Super 8
And see your rear is on the mirrors and they smearin' booty cheeks
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