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"Any Man / Closer"

I'm mentally retarded - Slim Shady
I think that's my name - hi, bye

Original Bad Boy on the case, cover your face
Came in the place, blowed, and sprayed Puffy with mace
I laced the weed with insect repellant
Better check the smellin'
Eminem starts with E, better check the spellin'
With a capital, somebody grab me a Snapple
I got an aspirin capsule trapped in my Adam's apple
Somebody dropped me on my head, and I'm for sure
That my mother did it, but the b*tch won't admit it was her
I slit her stomach open with a scalpel
When she was six months, and said: "I'm ready now, b*tch!
Ain't you feelin' these kicks, c*nt?!"
The world ain't ready for me yet, I can tell
I'll probably have a cell next to the furnace in Hell
I'm sicker than sperm cells with syphilis germs
And I'm hotter than my di*k is when I p*ss and it burns
I kick you in the tummy until you sick to your stomach
And vomit so much blood that your clothes stick to you from it
Hit you in the head with a brick 'til you plummet
If y'all don't like me, you can suck my di*k 'til you numb it
And all that gibberish you was spittin', you need to kill it
‘Cause your style is like dying in my sleep; I don't feel it
‘Cause any man who would jump in front of a minivan
For twenty grand, a bottle of pain pills, and a minithin
Is f*ckin' crazy – you hear me? Huh?
Is f*ckin' crazy – hello, hi!
All of use - hi, bye

f*ckin' crazy

Word up ,yo, yo, yo
A little bit of thugs is all it takes to make this industry just great
A little bit of thugs is all it takes to make this industry great
Reflection, reflection

Yo I started out in Iraq the wrong route
More b*tches to doubt more money to count
Yo my Swiss account with more cheese amount
Keep piling, still gettin' calls from the island
Still do the things I did when I was wildin'
Tryin' to go from penny loafers to mink sofas
Spend a week with dime b*tches that's freaks
Bodies so big I call it [?] antiques
Ass cheeks scream loud like [?]
Wanna be under the seats in our streets
Last year around the time this year
If I would of got locked, yo
I wouldn't even care
But now I got this rap thing
No more hustlin' at age ten my team played to win
We Sonny Carson nobody understanding
Yo the black struggle gotta hustle to hustle
And once you get muscle nobody trust you
Tryin' to be like Goldy in the Shaft days
These lasts days comin' up
Yo these little n*ggas comin' up
Keep their guns up ready to buck
Not thinkin'
Black on black crime yo it's swine you're both stinkin'
Pretty Ake, [?] to Mobb Deep
Yo its Papi, officially arab nazi
2-5-2 regulate this too

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