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"8 Mile: B-Rabbit vs Supa Emcee"


[Supa Emcee]
Hey yo, What up, trailer trash!

Yo Future, how'd you get whitey to battle the Savior
That's like Darth Vader battling Obey Taylor
You can't mess around with the horror
I grab the mic and Ima murder you, now you'll die tomorrow!
You can't kick with the lyrics I spit
I blow your head off and leave you dying in your blood, you b*tch!
You still a trick and a hoe and Ima roll
I f*cked your mama; she's a prostitute bro!
You thinking you white, but you ain't light
Ima murder you in the gang again, and blast you in de night!
Im still ill, I'm still for real with Ken Loraine;
I got a gun on your boy, Ima blow out his brain!
You run with a bunch of whack faggots
Ima eat out your meat like I'm in your body; I'm a maggot!
And yo matter of fact, you gettin' played
You ain't nothing but a white-boy dying of f*cking aids!

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