"Not Afraid (CMG Cover)"

Yeah, uh huh
Thurnis Haley, my n***a
In this b*t*h, golfin'
Stealin' food, bread, onions
All that sh*t, yeah
Don't forget the graph paper
For all them n***as that like algebra
Yeah yo

Here we go, Matt Eaton's mom
f**ked her on the corner with a 2x4
Then came Matt, (inhales) so sad
Got an abortion but it didn't work, he came out like a broken fetus
Uh, yeah
You know who he is
Joe somebody, is his brother
He takes his pubes and glues them to his face, uh
Rides the short bus in the PM, yeah
Uh huh, runnin' out of ideas
Don't know what to rap about
Kinda losin' the rhythm, n***a
Got a compass, not the kind that tells direction but the one you draw circles with, yeah
Don't know why I have it, probably with my graph paper
Cause I'm a n***a that likes algebra
Just kiddin', I ain't black, yo
I don't steal cars, or food, or bread, or onions, or bikes
Uh none of that sh*t n***a, yeah
Let's play that Xbox yo
Play some League of Legends, my staff will grow
Knock my enemies up, I gotta put my retainer in
Just kiddin', that sh*t's gay yo

Yeah, waitin' on more Snoop Dogg
Give him a hand, raise the roof
Uh huh, go
Yeah, AA batteries power my controller and my remote and sh*t, n***a
Can't that sh*t up, God, what the f**k did I just say?
I don't even know (gunshot)
Got that grammar, that was a gunshot
Like my 9 mil in my pants
Shoved up my ass so I don't shoot myself in the foot
Uh, chocolate rain
I make it rain chocolate, n***a
I sh*t on ya face, that's chocolate rain, uh
I jizz on your mom's too, uh
Yeah, Joe somebody
Six one three, s-s-s-six one three, yeah
Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario
He shoulda paid me what he owed me, m-m-money, yeah
Threw that mutha f**ka in the ocean
Gotta do my English homework for Mr. Everett, yo

He ain't got, no
Sarcastic talkin', yeah
And doesn't make a study guide for the last two chapters cause they so graphic, uh
Piano solo, uh huh
You know what it is, that Beethoven sh*t n***a
Uh, oh yeah

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