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"The Letter Part II: Dear Dad"

f*ck all that soft walk in the park
Warning cause this sh*t gonna get real dark

[Verse 1: Infamous]
Dear Dad
Ever since I came onto this Earth on accident you made me sad
24/7 make me mad
And glance at the knife to stab
(By the way when you see my dad (yeah!)
Tell him I slit his throat in this dream I had)
I'm not Ice Cube having the will to kill
I ain't even gonna go to jail or to Hell
I wanna live a peaceful life with God
Or with Guru "Above The Clouds"
Not gonna be happy till at the coroner, see your face covered with a shroud
You always press to force a divorce
Won't even be at your deathbed to see your f*cking corpse
(You f*cking homo! Is what I said at my dad's funeral)
In all reality he's lazy
Says he's on disability
Not sorry for this but I like to diss a hillbilly
"I can knock you on your ass is silly" "Yeah I can"
Oh really send shivers down your spine when it's not chilly
Greedy about cash and sympathy
If you had a chance to do it all again you wouldn't do it differently
Sleeps all f*cking day thinking he lives miserably
Kill you verbally
Puts his ear to the door and stops
Hears a curse word from someone like 2Pac
Calls the cops
Like that one time you had a f*cking spoon pulled on you
Ain't picturing this not a cartoon
Visualizing every single place as a spitoon
Like when you got drunk at Lagoon
Got so sick of your bullsh*t I'm immune
Regretting this little f*ck up you made on accident
Really wanna throw out a teen resident?
Live on the streets with nothing to eat
Damn the moment you saw me, you wish I came with a receipt
Compare me to other rappers but Infamous discrete
Own a grim style
Thank Slim Shady
Along the road even more you'll hate me
(Never knew my dad mother f*ck the fag)
Because this deadbeat dad is what I always had
Still lives with me, so?
Don't mind if he packs up and goes
Depending on another: My mother
Stupid ass redneck can't even get up to find a job for a family and a paycheck
Played yourself like a tapedeck
Infamous like Havoc and Prodigy who made Mobb Deep
There ain't no such things as half-way crooks
Starving kids and you're too lazy to cook?
Really expect me to grow up on instant potatoes
People are gonna say this didn't happen but what the hell do they know?
Wouldn't be surprised if he cheated on my mom
Yelling back and forth
Telling me word by word I wasn't planned at birth
Now tell me what I'm worth
(My faggot father must've had his panties up in a bunch, cause he split. I wonder if he kissed me goodbye? No I don't, on second thought I just f*cking wished he would die.)
Imagine what it's like growing up with a b*tch who's abusive and alcoholic
Gonna mooch off me cause I'm symbolic
World doesn't revolve around you
And it's clear all the things you love are money, tabacco, and beer
Peeking at the neighbor
Called him queer
Get mad if I listen to instrumentals by Premier
Wouldn't get mad if I listen to a white rapper who swears more than a black male
Threw family in jail
Made everyone in the house live a real life Hell
Put you in the ground visit once every year till you rot
Finally see what I f*cking got
Damn this hits the spot!
Probably gonna call the cops
Once he finds out I smoked pot
Say one little thing, threatens to throw me in juvy
The only the we got in common is that me and him will never feel sorry
Two sides to every story
But at least I'll tell the truth
Speaks a hoax
If he thinks I like him he has high hopes
Never once has he done me a favor
Young ass kid he uses for child labor
Uses us as one of his servants
Sees he only married my mom for money
Wish she was that observant
At one time he used to be really abusive
Now he's just an annoying ass burden
Stereotypes a person wearing a turban
They want an encore I can't close the curtain
Not holding my tongue anymore
Can't even feel any f*cking remorse
The problems keep on getting worse
Useless counseling
Out of anybody in my life you're the one I'm crossing and cancelling
All the people I met you're the most incompetent, incapable, disgraceful, useless, and pathetic of all
Rather have no life than have your genetics at all
At a young age gave up trying to build a relationship
Yes, gave that drink too many sips
Life gave you an opportunity, you lost grip
Welcome to a guilt trip
Expect your wife to do everything for you in life
[Faggot Father]
I love you honey
Now give me all your money
I'll give it back if you waste it all on some sh*t that'll kill me
Stuff that makes you happy I'll take it and make you more depressed
Now get up, get dressed
Work some more so you don't have any amount of rest
Next time you bring back the 10's and 20's
Do it back in a cycle cause I'm money obsessed
My life goal is to be a pest and make your life a total mess when you're stressed
I'm cheating
Don't want you to find out
So I'll blame all my problems on you
Go to bed so I can peek at the neighbor
Let him call the cops for trespassing on his property
We're basically living in poverty
Proud to be this guy that has a restraining order
When I see the judge I'll say I'm gonna kick his ass in the courts
No father of any sort
You know I did threaten a nearby resident
Cause I'm unitelligent
But plead innocent
Pin it on a certain spouse
After I reminisce about how I about threw a 13 year old outta the house
(You selfish b*tch, I hope you f*cking burn in hell for this sh*t)
Don't even tempt me or else you'll get hit
You lost your grandma, grandpa, father, and mother
Lost me a child that's another
(Now ain't nobody tell us it was fair, no love from my daddy cause the coward wasn't there. They say I'm wrong and I'm heartless, but all along I was looking for a father he was gone.")
Something happens I ain't gonna be there
Honestly I don't care
Mom's primarily a single mother
Won't matter if you have an affair
Being anywhere near is a nightmare
Don't say this didn't happen
Cause you know damn well that it did
I'll be completely sincere, won't lie
If you die
I won't cry
All too much to picture
Even when he goes f*cking crazy off liqour
I'll tell you this
f*ck a daddy
f*ck a father figure

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