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"Any Word Freestyle"

All i got to do is throw any word at you, you can take any word and just rhyme wth it, i'm like..


Technical? I had spectacles back in school, yo, you just expect a fool
If you try to clam with me, if you ain't down with me, and i ain't tryna have you around me

Traffic emergencies

Traffic emergencies, tragic emergencies, it's an urgency, it burns when i pee, i'm the illest MC, from the motherfreakin D, the 3-1-3


The misproduction, rappers get sucked up into suction, cause they suck when they called up the station tryna bust for 30 seconds, yo slim shady, i mate hit records


Discombobulatorboobulator, yo, i get your b**** inflated, like Pamela Leigh, she wants to sample a pee, from me, doesn't matter cause she f'd the camera...

....tremendo mind state

The mind state of the crime rate, will elevate, when i accelerate, i levitate, give me another word, don't let me say rhymes, that your mother heard...

... supercalafragilisticexpealidocious

Supercalafragilisticexpealidocious, i smacked women with a closed fist, yo, i punch 'em, right in the nose when i be scrunchin, at the function, at the family function, or at ya picnic, give this ick quick, i'm willing to say, D infront of it, but rappers they don't want none of it, cause any MC i'll put on this verbal punishment..

<<<< Other guy rapping >>>>
Eurgh, lets let the dog check it
Yo ain't the cyfer yo, yo ain't the cyfer tonight
Got to be a dope MC that rock this mic
Now what's yo name?
My name's slim shady

Other guy:
And what you do?

And we did it like Jim Brady; i rock

Yo, i'm lil' like that Kim lady, when i be steppin to this mic just like a M-80
I blowing up the spot and i can rock right off the top, rappers don't wanna believe that everything ima drop, that som's gonna be hot weather you like it or not, thought a cypher a spot, cause i'm nitrogen hot
Rappers wanna try to step, this way that i kept, it's rep up, any rapper that wanna test the step up, cause I come offa the top, or a ?ridden?, i'm ishing, i wanted the same the real way but I stray written, bustin, killin, crushin, well i'm flushin this rappers that are b** rushin, blood ones rushin
Coming outta ya brain rappers know that i'm the same, they don't wanna step to this, they don't wanna feel the pain
Like DMX "what? you gon think that he's gon step to this now? eurgh, yo, you don't think you wanna f*** with this now" yo

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