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"Mancow (Freestyle)"

Hi, my name is, my name is nobody famous
Guess what? I'm an anus
I'm here with Mancow, haha
You know how I do it, cause I kick this fluid when i do it
I bust it, I kill it and I crush it with Mancow
You don't understand how we do it
We land now with hits and freestyle flows
Cuz we the ish, I said ish backwards and guess what that is...
Shhh, yea I can't say that, yo, hit the playback
Check it, cause rappers don't know how to display that
Rhymes that I be kicking, freestyle when I be kicking
Sticking these, ribs sticking out, poverty stricken
I'm all hungry cause I ain't ate in ten minutes
I'm infinite, oh, hey, check it out, I'm Ken Kaniff

Oh, hi there man, oh yeah
Hell no bro, oh yeah, no, yeah
Oh here I am I'm chillin' with Mancow
You know how we do it man you know we got the know how
Mancow kick a freestyle

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