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sh*t’s funny fam, you know how it get’s
I know they don’t love me but they gotta show respect
And sometimes i kick back and i reflect
They took my bro away, they got me thinking who’s next?

I spent days just running up checks
And how my day starts with a text
No breakfast, and i’m probably half asleep
I can’t believe these silly guys try to start with me

I give a advice to stay on track and just on follow dreams
But today i rather go and buy Armani jeans
I’m looking in the mirror like this can’t be me
Sitting in the trap and i’m surrounded by dirty fiends

They had me in the saw, i’m looking for walls
Because I’m stuck to my strip like staples
I need money how Cain needs Abel
And ain’t ever gonna stop til' i’m stable

Cah' i remember i was stuck to my stainless
Becah'my hood got drama like Shameless
And for my life I’m gracious
And so I’m change my number not my staters

And like a pencil fam, I’m on papers
Really on my grind like skaters
I help myself i ain’t own no favours
Cah’ n*ggas angels turnt bent like Quavers

I got amm i ain’t got no Wotsits
Asked my lil n*gga do you wanna see a box flipped?
I’m living life fam, f*ck what the cost is
I’m taking care of my youngers like a hospice

Cah' i was stuck in one tracky taking losses
And back then sh*t was messy like a mosh pit
And then the money started comin’ in often
Cah’ i was hitting home runs like Boston

And then my darg got sauced we nearly lost him
They bait moves it’s free them and nearly cost him
Met the sauce it was a brick that he dropped him
And then the birds got given when they clocked him

I told him cool off and allow all the hot ting
They f*cked him over and they threw him on the opp wing
But the clock don’t stop I’m on my gwop ting
You should’ve saw the way it span when he dropped him

Yeah my heart’s real cold now defrosting
I ain’t with the verbal, I ain’t with the waffling
Because we all had to go through the suffering
Until i built a phone, and then i got the buds in

Turning two into fours i was doubling
With the O’Neil’s fresh from Dublin
And then the whip got hot so we bopped it
The on tops fence high, but we hopped it

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