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"Soldier’s Song"

[Styles P]
Yo Poobs! Ghost..
Poobs turn me up my n*gga
Time is money, Double R
D-Block, sh*t's real

n*gga it's the Ghost off the M.B
I breathe off of liquor and weed and choose to be when the men sleep
I don't even pray with my eyes closed
Soulless screamin I know the demons, hide where the lies go
Try to fall back, off the lyrics with mysticism
Can't express myself, wild out and get shipped to prison
Got a lot of sh*t I could say
But it's kinda Ludacris that make n*ggas get out the way
Kinda selfish if I make n*ggas get out and spray
Leave you helpless and the only thing you do is you pray, n*gga
sh*t is God-made, or man-made and machine-made
I don't want beef I want money, that's the green way
The pride overpower the brain
I won't die like a coward, muh'f*cker I'm vain
I'm a gangsta in the car in the dirt and the chains
I've been hurt and in pain, and stood tall in this urban terrain
But a man must admit to his faults, I know mine
I'm the type that always wanna revolt (yeah)
If I can't kill a n*gga then I want an assault (yeah)
sh*t hard, just listen to the bars sh*t's makin ya {?}
Some n*ggas shiver and listen, no lie
Close your eyes it's the bigger division
Life or death nowadays is a n*gga's decision, here's your jewels
When you make yours, just make sure you make it on the move

Yeah, Ghost, time is money
sh*t's not a game
I ain't f*ckin around
Yo Poobs we out {Mario?}

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