"Eminem Freestyle"

I'll shove a gun in ya grill
Greasy and heated
Smothered in hot mustard so when I feed it to you it's easy to eat it
You need to be immediately treated
While you breathing or you'll be leaving
The receiving room this evening with Jesus
You hate on us, we'll be waiting on eight corners
Swarming your hood with a thousand angry skateboarders
I'll hop in the Jeep, slam on the gas and charge you
And bombard you in the car that ya mom bought you
Mess around and get choked and found in a moat
Floating around drowned face down in a boat
I'll pile five dudes in a pen
And we'll pull up to the seven mile drive-thru
At McDonald's and pile-drive you
I got the power to snatch a driver out his Eddie Bauer
When it rides by me at ninety miler per hour
This place is my house, I might as well erase my face with white-out
Cause y'all can't see me like Mase's eyebrows
It's like that, it's like that
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