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"Drastic Measures (Microphone Autopsy)"

"What am I, a mirage?"
"What? Where's my f*cking drink? I asked you for a drink."
"You wanted a drink?"
"I just asked you for a f*ckin' drink."
"No, I thought, I thought you said that you were alright, Spider,"
"No no no no no no no no. What do you got me on, a f*ckin' pay-no-mind list, kid?"

"To attack without knowing the enemy's strength is foolish. After being warned, to still attack is stupid. People who are that stupid just don't deserve to live. But strangely though, one does find people who are that stupid."

[Verse 1: ?]
Where the f*ck you stay at? Habitats and [?]
[?] Back the f*ck off me, drink some coffee
Particularly decaffeinated, ICP is overrated
And hated for the false identity created
You ain't equal, but classy people
Evil Kenevil [still dropping?]
Deep sea divers

"Seems to me that you're quite confident you can beat me. You don't scare me, let's get to the point!"

[Verse 2: ?]
1, 2, f*ck it man
Your image got cremated, you ain't get off
Like [?] paper that's preparated
I created this statement and called you out
When you changing my style

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Yo I'm two-faced, and bugged the f*ck out like Mr. Furley
So when I swing a fist of fury y'all can kiss the jewelry
Scrap, back the f*ck up, we missed the brewery
Hurry, I'm tryin to pick up Cage's sister early (It's 8 o'clock)
Me and Greed smoke weed and OD
We're so keyed there's no need to stop the nosebleed
I need a casket, I killed some conceited bast*rd
And beat his ass with a bat wrapped in a sheet of acid
I'm pre-disaster, I f*ck sh*t up before it happens
Like blown engines of airplanes with snorin' captains
Your style's monotonous, like a borin' job gets
I come to the battle and beat you with foreign objects
I'm dumber than Oklahoma ignorin' bomb threats
I'm dumber than trying to start a war with 'nam vets
My metaphors are like a set of jaws
I get applause, cause people would rather hear mine instead of yours
Still on the run from stabbing a b*tch in the side
So I'm hitchin' this ride with the motherf*ckin' Indiginous Tribe

[Verse 4: ?]

[Verse 5: ?]

[Verse 6: ?]

[Verse 7: ?]

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