"Hammer Dance (Remix) (Alex Barzaga Diss)"

[Verse 1: Da Dough]
I ain’t tryna brag
But before I did you never used a hashtag
Already lyrically murdered so I drag
The body, hide it from subpoena
They can’t see it like Cena
And feed you to the Hyena
You say I record in a closet?
Let me hear your tape and pause it

[Interpolation: "A Man" by Alex Barzaga]
You could only understand
Back then
When nothing was grand
And everybody in the hood hated him
When and where everybody would jump him
Just for his shoes that didn't mean nothing
All they were doing was punching
And cutting
And kicking
Their heads were so sicken
And thicken
The only home they knew was a prison

[Continuing Verse 1: Da Dough]
Who’s your engineer?
Cause that sh*t don’t sound clear
Why you rapping about the hood you ain’t ever been near
That’s the place you fear!
How the hell you even here?
Stop using my message to sell!
Before it’s used to show how you fell!
You is off brand like Taco Dell
You wanna be Hopsin, I can tell
Anti-Drug when the beat drops in
I still ain’t hear no heat drop in
You ain’t need drugs, you already dumb as sh*t!
Sounding like you on Ricegum’s tit!
b*t*h I have come to spit!
Ain’t nobody tryna hear you to get lit
Ain’t nobody tryna hear you for sh*t
You is a white kid meme kit
Out there stealing Drake's team sh*t
Wearing Supreme sh*t
So I guess you in your feelings
I don’t get who you even appealing
I’m gassed up, I’m refillable
All you rappers is killable
Hit you with a syllable
You could never body me
Call this lyrical sodomy
Hold up I ain’t done
I murder rappers for fun
I push my weight around ton
Like I ain’t got enough on my plate
I drop classics at inhuman rate
I’m in my own league, no debate
Never ran out of fatigue
Never see me coming, Blitzkrieg
You ain’t rich, you ain’t even on iTunes
Comparing numbers, nothing on my tunes
Nothing on my goons
Crash into you like the moon
I’ll be ending this soon
But first I’ll let you look like a buffoon
Been bodying you since last June
Follow for Follow
Then you unfollow
Your buzz is so hollow
Your pride you better swallow
Stop pretending like you cool with Riley
Keep his name out yo lips like Kylie
He don’t even know you, facts be highly
Stop pretending like he owe you
Stop pretending like I’m below you
Your music ain’t worth a-
Wait, what happened to Mirtha?
I can call My Mama who gave birth ya
The women who put me on earth ya
Where’s yours?
Hanging with 2 bit whores?
Getting smashed, no s’mores?
Alls fair in love and war
So I have a lot in store
Dakota & Deal used to beat your ass
Then that 27 year old f**ked Ana and pass
Your whole career nobody savin'
You really threw a shot at Rayvinn?
Like that would make me cave in?
Hold up? The f**k you on tho?
Voted Republican, Alejandro?
That’s no surprise tho
Who inspired your flow?
Logic? Oh
Eminem? Oh
NF? Oh
Hov? No
All your favorites got a similar trait you know
But I guess I won’t say though
But here’s the KO
I formed your career, and I ain’t here to Play Dough

[Outro: Da Dough]
If I come to your city, it's all love
You come to mine and it's (gunshots)

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