"Speedom (WWC2) Cover"

(Same as original but w/o any swears besides hell and p*ssed)

[Verse 5: Ali Tomineek]
I  gotta pick it up where they left off
Never  be another chopper coming, that's what Tech thought
Yo I'm the new generation syllable obliteration
For your information, I'm coming and giving them headshots
I  keep the tires rolling Firestone, I'm never tired on it
I  could fight a lion, ain't no mountain I can't climb up over
I would tell myself I would be something when I get older
Now  I'm older tryna figure it out the world so I can hold it
Ravenous, no I ain't having it don't bring me a salad
I'm grabbing a leaf of the lettuce and I'm smacking 'em
I'm never happy until I'm eating the head of a cattle
My  meat and breads is what I'm after
until I'm smacking 'em
I bend 'em I'm breaking 'em down
Haters will really be hating me now
But what they gone say to me now?
I'm not thinking about it
I think about the world some of y'all think of balling more
But how can y'all ignore everything going up in Baltimore
Like "whoa leave me outta the police brutality"
But if you don't stand up you gone see it happening
Probably thinking the media only shows it up on the TV like its a TV show
But its really reality

It's not a "black thing" but we're getting all the battering and torture
So of course they're gonna resort to battling
Cops are gunning more
What'll it take 100 more shots to see if they want a war?

Stand and fight! What you running for?
And the news only wanna show the worst part of it, the rioting
But why are they rioting who started it
I'm not saying "get a couple Glocks
Take a couple shots, kill a couple cops"
Cause that really ain't solving it
I promise that some officers are human beings like you and me
Truthfully y'all stereotyping all of 'em
Like they do black people that's what the problem is
Fighting fire with fire and wondering where the water is

Guess I'm tryna make it rain gotta make a change
Gotta make all of the hate disappear like I'm David Blaine
Chopping it up into little confetti, I'm a machete
My mind is sharp as the blade of it I know I gotta be ready
For whatever whenever it happens and whether I'm rapping or not
I wanna make sure forever and ever my passion is on 100
Until I'm passing 'em all and end up with Eminem, Kaliko, Tecca Nina

We gotta give 'em that...
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