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"Piece of Trash"

Sway: sway in da mornin we got new sh*t comin

Eminem: u motherf*ckers never learn, this probs gonn be the last time we puttin mumble rap in its place. we got dre, 50 cent, kenny, logic nd all the homies in the studio. lets go

I am the real rapper token
Leave all the mumble rappers choken
Thank you logic for the shout out i apreciate it
Now its my turn to destroy mumble rap and go for the big hit
Lil pump ur rhymes are so dump *(dr dre adlib: tell em n*gga!)*
We dont wear gucci cause we r not sellout losers like you
Im not a youtube rapper ill destroy you all in the count of 1 and 2
These mumble rappers r so childish unlike donald glover mite as well watch blues clues
Why do we giv clout to dumbass losers like kid buu?
Listenin to mumble rap hell no id rather eat some poo
Kanye the idiot who helped mumble rap takeover just by going poopity scoop *(50 cent adlib: the f*ck?)*
Stab mumbe rap in da eyelash
Unlike mumble rap i dont f*ck underage girls like billie eilish
I get sick by mumble rap everytime im watchin
Everybody hates mumble rap even bobby tarantino aka logic
Logic doesnt want anyone 2 kill themself but he told me that mumble rappers should
I wish a b*tch ass mumble rapper would *(logic adlib: damn right n*gga)*
Ill burn playboi carti alive imma make sure dies lit
Lyrical rap is back so mumblers can go join mcdonalds makin fries b*tch!
Lorde nd beyonce can taste my di*k *(jay z adlib: the f*ck?)*
Ill give mumble rap my ass to lick
Yung lean nd ugly god are frauds as f*ck fam
Whos next to claim they f*cked my b*tch god damn

Childish Gambino (Chorus):
You motherf*ckers claim 2 be the king of the trap?
b*tch please! ur all just a piece of trash
This is america where the big dogs attack the mumble cats
With the redbone all you motherf*ckers do is fap
Here's what i think! slam u mumble f*ckers on the mat

On the mat uhh! on the mat n*gga! on the mat uh!
On the mat, just a piece of trash!
On the mat uhh! on the mat n*gga! on the mat uh! yo! yo!

Joyner Lucas:
The underdog who never lost hope is back
Lucky you mumble rappers cus ur in the presence of the highlight of this rap track
Tory lamez mimik my style he a pure mumble rapper and a fraud
Tory the b*tch boy forcing dax and travis scott to apologize well i do not applaud *(dax adlib: IT'S DAX!)* *(Travis scott adlib: straight up)*
You are not litty tory, you are sh*tty
Cheef keef is the sh*t i dont like cause he yucky
Your not a gorilla, your a little stupid monkey
Now the nerds are gonna call me racist for saying monkey
Watch out before i get a lil funky
If u got a problem then suck me
Ill turn blueface into redface after i slash his face wit my bars
Slash his face so bad he end up wit scars
Lil xan a whiny litle boy
I play these mumbl rapprs like a toy
Shout out to the legend my homie xxxtentacion
Mumble rap does not deseve to be in the rap nation
Tom mcdonald a f*ckin cornball
Puttin my di*k in the rap game give em a torn hole
Tekashi got what he deserved, jail time
Lil pumps dumbass saying n*gga but he pale white
Stranger things than mumble rap is logic and his sh*t
Logic may b a good rapper but he a b*tch
The type of n*gga 2 probbably snitch
The confessions of my dangerous mind is puttin logic and mumble rap to sleep

Chorus (Childish Gambino)

Yeezy yeezy
Take it easy
U a false prophet nd ur so f*cking cheesy
Ur not as good as the likes of g-eazy *(g-eazy adlib: dam right)*
U think ur a god
Well ur nowhere near a god ur a fraud
Pusha t stop hurting my friend drake
U a insecure b*tch ur so fake
Daytona album of the year? lol not even close, lame
Ur mumble rappin ass was sad when u lost the grammys now go back 2 sellin cocaine
Lil pump stop running ur mouth remember u are my son
I fathered u on my interview with u now its time to have some fun
I love u pump but no one else does nd we all can't stand ur songs
At this rate ull end up paying chicks to tap them with thongs
So lil pump, come sit on my lap
There’s more in life than mixin mumble wit trap
I don’t want u to end up like lil peep dat situetion wud b crap
I’m like thanos destroyin mumble in an instant wit a snap
I collabed with 21 so i could teach him to rap
He still sh*t didn't learn anything so hes still got a bad rep
Smokepurrp is trash throw hem in the bin
Boogie wit da hoodie is an idiot cut all the mumble rappas limbs
I f*ck ur b*tchez we on power trip
Eatin mumble rappers like attentin seeka lil xan like im eatin chips *(kendrick adlib: yummy!)*
Mumble rap taking over is so annoyin its making me snarl
In two years the mumble rappers will be kissin james charles
U need to be smart nd intellectual 2 listen 2 my music
These mumble rap doofuses hav no brain thats why they can't listen so they go drug abusin
I sit nd watch mumblers liek lil yachy nd ksi tak l's after watchin rick n morty
Puttin my di*k in da earth nd its face cuz im getting horny
1985 i arrived and fathered mumble crappers
Now c*m nd lick this di*k cuz my testicles u lackers
I got the fire squad this is a tale of two cities
Grab the sword and cut mumble rap then flush em cause they sh*tty
U won't ever perform in stadiums nd sold out dates and shows cause ur all flops
Soon u mumble rapper crappers will b in love & hip hop *(JCole adlib: n*gga)*
Get on my nuts den off my di*k shout out 2 JID
Mumble rap defines my album kids on drugs aka kod
Got a problem well you can smd

Childish Gambino: (Chorus)

First off shout out my homie big sean *(big sean: i hear u my n*gga big ups!)*
Nd also hopsin, logic, gerald and kendrick for puttin mumble rap to bed like gay porn
You motherf*ckers are still a waste of space
You cannot keep up with my fast pace
Tyler creator Nd Vince staples bit my hand so I destroyd em And shat on their face
You say you the king but I am the ace
Your jig is up like my bro jay z
Renegading mumble rappers such as earl sweatshirt tyga nd swae lee
Justin bieber u dumb b*tch what do u know about rap?
Go back to makin sh*t songs cus ur track wit ed sheeran was crap
Khalid sounds like a whale
Killshot on mgk i will not fail
I made a better song with ed sheeran than justin bieber did
Drown this beaver in a river nd let his face cover in blood and red
Nd f*ck trippie redd
Put mumble rap babys on da bed
I kill everyone even da feds
Me nd logic raped mumble rap wit waste of space nd homicide this is the last killshot now
Like how i killshot on mgk now everybody time to bow
I dont need 2 collab with fatass dj khaled
That fat notherf*cker meeds to eat a salad
Gucci mane u hypocrite why u workin with logic after dissin me
U even worked with jake paul so dumbass ur dismissed g
Mgk still crying over my killshot diss u brought it on urself b*tch im not sorry
Why ur dumbass invited logan and jake paul to ur party
Why u all supportin goons
Like yg nd mf doom
Pop u motherf*ckers like a balloon
f*ck that stupid ass c*nt r kelly
He should b in jail alongside psychopath ynw melly
And bouncing on kanyes big belly
And ill jab the belly of machin gun kelly
None of u mumblers can hurt me
U arent worthy
Soulja boy nd 6ix9ine probs doin it in jail they whack
Dumb b*tches worshippin lele pons nd tana mongeua imma go for the smack
Why the f*ck is donald trump still president
f*ck what you saying trump we ain't listenin
Ja rule a dumb fool
50 cent a killer like mike he ran with your jewels
Iggy azalea u plastic sl*t
Im the dog eating ur ass wit my bars u a lil mut
Motherf*cks tryna call me racist 4 sayin stupid monkey migos
Migos monkeys not because of their skin cause of their sh*tty choppy flow
Flush these pieces of trash and waste of space down the toilet cause they sh*t
Leave my di*k in ur mouth and leave my daughter out of it

50 Cent: GGGGGG UNIT *Beat stops*

Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Hopsin, Logic, Joyner Lucas, Token, G-Eazy, Childish Gambino & J-Cole all together: f*ck MUMBLE RAP!

(The first mumble rap diss track aka Waste of Space can b found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/612390952485821/permalink/908034556254791/ )

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