"Cut Back (Leak)"

[Verse 1]
I cut back on the syllables just a little
But still I feel I should I kill a few
Just to show that still I do
Put forth an effort one foot forward thank heavens
And good lord whoever would've thought
That my umbilical cord would ever get cut cut
From the s-same cloth as no other name?
Just be thankful that I came forth
Tempered the same whether it's boiled or flame broiled
You say my name you bet that ass you gon' pay for it
Just the respect it's not the crown that I came for
But if you feel like passing it around well then Jay throw it
This way i'll go straight toward it if not I'll just wait for it
The other skateboard got a couple of scrapes
Forget about it i'm stuck in this rut
But I'll get up out it, I always do
I ain't gon' sit here and argue about it
I came up out that gutter, I just crawled through up out it
I'm back, I'm sorry, I feel awful about it
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