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"Funk Flex Interlude"

[Eminem (as Funkmaster Flex)]
Ayo, wassup, yall?
Funkmaster Flex here
MTV News doin' it big, dawg
Pitbull style, nah mean?
You know how we get down
22 million inch rims
Y'all ain't sittin' on DUBs, you sittin' on hubs, nah mean?
Now, there's a lot of talk in the streets right now about this cat named Obie Trice
So we decided to ask some of the other big dawg pitbull chihuahua doberman pinscher big dawg cat dawgs in the game
How they felt about my mans

[Eminem (as Busta Rhymes)]
Yo, this Busta Bus
Yo, Du- Duke is crazy, son
Du- Duke, he wilin'
He's cra- crazy nice, Du- Duke is crazy nice, son
That's all I gots to say, man
That's all I gots to say

[Eminem (as Snoop Dogg)]
Yo, this ya big homie Snoop D-O-double Gizzle
O-Trizzle off the hizzle
Fo'shizzle, ya lil' bizzle

[Eminem (as Dr. Dre)]
Yo, wassup? It's Dr. Dre
Hell yeah I'm feelin' Obie
His sh*t sound dead right

[Eminem (as 50 Cent)]
Ayo, wassup? It's the kid 50 Cent, nah mean?
Obie Trice, Shady Records, we boutta put it down, ya heard me?
We on fire right now

[Eminem (as Jay-Z)]
Ayo, it's ya boy Young Hov
Obie Trice, uh
Holla at ya boy

[Eminem (as Canibus)]
Yo, this is Canibus, the rhyme analyst
I ain't feelin' Obie Trice, I hope he gets covered and smothered in tarantulas
Before metaphors were reservoir dogs
Before Christ was hung on the cross
Before in y-


f*ck outta here

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