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"Harry Shotta Godzilla Challenge"

[Verse 1]
Okay, let me do it for the culture
A lyrical critical beatdown like ultra
Do it for the fun of it, doing it for the love of it
Doing it for the f**k of it repping up in the holster
The master, the cannibal cannabis, I'm an animal
Licking up all this liquor I'm sicker when I be sober
Slicker than Rick and I flow, quicker than quick
And then when I spit an a cappella this fella will take over
Tongue and I'm wagging it
Got a ting in the cabinet, just imagine it
The way I probably bag when I'm bagging it
Toe tagging it, having it
With the wickedest lyrical never typical
My mind is a monopoly, fathom it
Never having it, stabbing it with a syllable grabbing it
Dragging it to the pinnacle, never cynical backing it
Get a crack and attack and I'm never lacking, immaculate
Got a bottle of Dom and it's like a bomb when I'm cracking it
(Tsh tsh) Attack them with the rap and I'm packing it
Kind of rap to kill them off will get it cracking and double tracking it
Stacking them back the way I'm whacking them, hacking them
Never lack on the mic and then backtrack, smacking them
It's the recipe, the best of me
I'm vocally jacking them, make them jack it
I'm making a racket up in the Vatican
Now a mad man, man up in the manor are dapping them
Fist-bump bad man
, now pass me the Magnum
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