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"Eminem Has a Mental Breakdown"

[Intro: Squidward, Jenny Arrowsmith]
SpongeBob, you turned off the lights!
Ugh, your mom! (Oh!)

[Eminem, ?, Silento, John Patrick Lowrie]
I can bodily swallow a bottle of bottles and a bottle of bleach
Now I got bottles of bleach in my body
If you think Sans is ness raise your hand 'cause you stupid
Do the stanky leg
Bob bought a bottle of pee that was in my body (Ah, p*ss)
And I feel like Ball God
Better hit the deck like the card dealer
My whole squad's walking
My whole squad's Fortnite squad's walking around Tilted Towers

[Eminem, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Phil Swift]
I like big butts and I cannot lie
But Keanu Chungus said Fortnite is wholesome 100
Better vacate, retreat like a vacay, mayday
No anime
Eminem is actually soup,
mom's soup
Phil Swift must swallow bottles of Flex Tape
Now that's a lot of damage!
Holy ----, look at all this damage! And we're going to repair it using Flex Shot
To show you the incredible strength of Flex Shot, I'm gonna blast huge holes though the bottom of Eminem with this giant cannon! Ready?

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