"Out on Bail"

Oh I posted bail? I'm out this motherf**ker? I can go?!
Aw, f**k y'all! Ay f**k the judge!
f**k the motherf**kin' district attorney, the prosecutor
And f**k you motherf**kers in the jury box, f**k all y'all!
Cause I'm out on motherf**kin' bail
Y'all ain't never gon' see me in this motherf**ker again!
Drop that sh*t L G
Let these ol' punk-ass b*t*hes know how we runnin' this sh*t for the '94
n***as ain't goin' back to court, you stank ass b*t*hes

[Verse 1]
I'm stuck in jail, the D.A.'s tryin' to burn me
I'd be out on bail, if I had a good attorney
Want to label me a criminal and cuff me up
Got a pocket full of money so they rough me up - I ain't trippin'
In the county and I'm mad as f**k
Got a record so they put me with the baddest bunch
Everybody wanna talk cause I'm rappin', they askin' me what happened

Is it true you did a flick with Janet Jackson?
I can't sleep! they takin' Polaroids
And I'm tryin' to use the phone, but they makin' noise
Man I wish I had my Glock, cause it's major
I'm makin' shanks out the plastic in razors
These motherf**kers won't leave me alone, that's my word
'Bout to turn a violation to a motherf**kin' murder
I'm makin' co-llect calls to my ol' b*t*hes
Send mo' pictures, and make me some mo' riches
To all the suckers on the block, talkin' sh*t while I was locked up
Be prepared to get socked up
Cause the game is deep, and the fame is brief
And you bullsh*t b*t*hes ain't changin' me

I came straight up out the gutter, I was saved from hell
And I'm a thug, I was raised in jail, now I'm out on bail

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