[Verse 1]
You used to be so cool, what the f**k happened to you?
Look at what all this rapping and money-stacking will do
I could've been stuck out in 'Bama, had I not flew the coop
And my babies would suffer Christmas cause Santa ain't got no loot
Uh, 'money ain't the issue' you said, that's funny now
Cause money's all I could give you to shut your motherf**king mouth
Here, take 20 grand and buy yourself a lawyer
sh*t, here's a whip so my kids ain't gotta walk to the store for ya, f**k
Momma told me I should keep it real
My record ain't selling, momma, I'm trying hard enough to keep a deal
Meanwhile I'm throwing paper down into an empty pit
I got a business I'm trying to run, man, f**k this b*t*h
I should've seen it coming, she never pulled her weight
I'm carrying her like an elephant on a dinner plate
You gassed em, Yelawolf, you better pump your f**king brakes, as*h**e
You got the nerve to

[Hook 1]
Wanna talk about heartbreak, oh, oh
Baby, I've been around, you know I've been around
And I can't pretend to love you right now
So you can go cry your heart out until you drown
Hope you can swim it out cause I can't be friends with a friend like you tryna hold me down

[Verse 2]
You got some nerve to be mad at me for, f**k, anything
What have I done besides give you what I could not afford?
The kids are happy cause they really don't know anything
If they only knew what toys that their momma could afford
The vacation they could be taking when daddy's on tour
Wait, you are on vacation, that's what this sh*t is for
I get it, I'm like the fountain of youth
You're in the bed with your boo and you two are sipping courvoisier, true?
This song ain't no diss, it's a living proof
Skit of skin and tooth, the witch in you bit, left me with cracked roofs
I ain't done, b*t*h, put this sh*t in loop
Here's a melody so it sticks in your head like your tracks do, ooh
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