Pepper Soup lyrics

Ice Prince

[Intro: Duncan Mighty]
Faji dog still dey chop sh*t
But na goat teeth con dey rotten
Select rice comot am from your beans oh
Because rice and beans e no be pepper soup
Select rice out from your beans

[Verse 1: Duncan Mighty]
Dem no dey stand dey give woman bele oh
(No be chice!)
Unless you want am make she born ...
But if you don't understand wetin I talk
When NEPA cut big man light
Him go call Fashola (Fashola)
When NEPA cut that... light
For night him go fix am back (fix am back)

[Chorus: Duncan Mighty]
If you see fowl wey dey bubble for night iyo
That fowl him no pay him dues
When life come dey show me pepper brother
I carry the pepper do pepper soup
So when life show you shege, show you pepper my brother
Carry your pepper do your pepper soup

[Verse 2: Ice Prince]
See goat no dey chop dog food
Dog dey like to dey chop goat
Anytime wey you dey come through
Dem go dey begin dey talk joke
Your matter dey for everybody mouth
My brother tell me whatsup though
You go dey waka dey carry shoulder
Shebi abi you be Jon Snow
Nobody holy pass
If your neighbor dey cut grass
Omo, E mean say na the time for you to go carry your own cutlass
At least no dey carry last
Life no be waka pass
My brother some snakes are greener than guava juice wey dey for glass
Open your eye, open your eye

[Chorus: Duncan Mighty]
When life come dey show me pepper brother
I carry the pepper do pepper soup
Life show me shege, show me shege, do me something
I carry the pepper do pepper soup

[Outro: Duncan Mighty]
As you bite me for head, you no mind my hair
Na so I go bite you for yansh, I no go mind your sh*t
Person wey dey sh*t no dey smile oh
I don go school come out, no money
I follow akaraka of a high degree
Faculty of AD and DD
I no do assignment but practical na hit!

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