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"Perfect World (instrumental)"

I woke up president Weathermen keep the weapon in
The same spot that got honey spillin’ her estrogen
Lookin’ to molest me in the back of the ‘Lac
I got a million plus downloads fuck a plaque
Another thing I have is a little fascination
For girls that use my music to make relations
Take ummm for instance so persistent
Had me doin’ shit to her so unchristian
Into pissin’ and strangulation masons
Keep callin’ me about my applications
‘Cause I dropped it off then thought knock it off
You could start your own club to plot and stalk
Perforated thinking I see shit spastic
Penned under a microscope into a book of acid
Transform the high to a narcotic logic
Flying with maggots in the cock pit

Money in the bank it’s a perfect world
New car shotgun it’s the perfect girl
Eat your pills up try to work this world
And have no malfunctions to hurt this girl
May or may not really deserve this world
To reveal that you really got a worthless girl
Don’t be nervous girl (okay okay)

There’s a thin line between love and a fuck
And how drunk she got to be to put it in her butt
Struts in her seven jeans I follow deception
To the suicide diner to feed my depression
I need a girl to make me crash my benz up
A whistler with a blade that’ll cut all my ends up
I’ll pop in every direction to catch a court case
East bay, west nile, south park to north face
My aunts’ smokin’ I got her crack
I had a kid to feed then I wrote agent orange on a whopper wrap
That’s why I has it my way like a barkin’ pit
Only know the day by which side of the street I park my shit
Make it awkward quick I’m achin’ to bloom
But they all wanna see me eat how I ate in the womb
Inspired by Doom death and metal objects
Like a young Zev love X readin’ marvel comics

I take a look around soak up my environment
Ring it out into the mic and pay rent
Clips holdin’ V.I.P.’s to Jesus
When the birds pressed up on the glass like Grey Goose
Science fiction with too in depth raps
Ride tsunamis through new left tracks
Semi colon my brain geeked out and swollen
No glass just nerd wraps to roll dro in
In these last days before I drop, bleed or end
I’ll serve ‘til they kill me like Scott Peterson
I spit ugly so many rappers love me
They rush me at shows tryin’ to kiss and hug me
It’s truth or dare but ya’ll keep pickin’ truth
‘Cause the know I’m ‘gon dare them to come to NY oops
I spilled beer on the board fine me later while I conspire this illuminati paper

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