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"Hell's Winter (instrumental)"

There's something in the way not for Dr. Zoomer
Hocked a tumor in a loogie and left it in Montezuma
Swam back to the US after Russian roulettes
No deal on the table give me a label to suplex

Came to fill 'em with pain, take a print of my brain
Flash it on the screen you won't leave the Cinema sane
Had a followin' fondlin' and wouldn't let go
'Til I spiked the EC football into the Def Jux end zone
And when it hit the grass it covered the crowd with mud
Mom slipped my bare ass out, I covered the ground with blood
Then she wiped it on my face like warpaint
Then slapped me, I ain't cry, I'm gonna die with a hardcore brain
Cracked the doors frame when I opened the world around it
Exhaled the hinges in the air with them ounces
My frontal lobe bounces off the wall then it rots from
The picture that it painted like suicide with a shotgun

I'm tryin' to pick up the pieces
Keep cuttin' my hands
When I put it back together, it's feces
In a permanent Hell I find tranquility teaches
Me how to design perfect masks around you creatures
We're goin' too far, nobody could reach us
I'm startin' to drown and I'm covered with leaches
Until my last breath they'll be screamin' from the bleachers
Then I'll be dead like all my teachers

Despite all my rage, I'm a rat in a cage disguised
Communicates her love injecting bleach in my eyes
The dubiously demented dented the dependant cradle
Slipped through her grasp onto broken glass, highly unstable
I left that label unable to keep my masters
No whip, broke as shit, chick left me a week after
Overdosage of mushrooms, no ugly obstacle
Did the Handsomeboy record same day I fled the hospital
In the club I don't dance, I stand with a glass of Vodka
And come to terms, I'm just like my bastard Father
Left my Mother with a kid, it flipped her lid
When I started to look like him, she threw me out the crib
And I was only two, my Grandmother was a Hitler Youth
Just dropped Agent Orange and ain't got no dough to fix this tooth
I'm thinkin' out loud "I hate life" like that matters
Lettin' shit out it happened to fit into rap pattern

I'm tryin' to pick up the pieces
But each motherfucker that fucked my Mother over would lead me to be this
Drug addicted menace, ain't shit to do in the place
No longer flinchin' from step dad's punches to the face
My bond to the drug, calm to the tub
Filled to the top with warm water to sink in two arms full of blood
Not even thirteen, lookin' to exit, left a mess
Could care less about life, just keep my Pumas fresh
Until the worms eat my flesh I guess they better burn me
These are the thoughts of a child I'd keep to thirty
I lacked patience 'til I was packed with patients
In the mental facility force fed all the wrong medication
Prozac guinea pig, I don't feel bi-polar
But got a folder that claims I am in a stack that reaches my shoulder
Music, my only savior in every instance
Makes each one of you a profit to my existence


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