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"Public Property (instrumental)"

The employee of the year yeah I'm back to work
Let that label sell old Cage songs and Weathermen shirts
You threw a whack title on that Weathermen song
Which was another remix where you synced my shit up all wrong
Seemed a bit malicious like you tried to fuck up the mission
But upon departure of y'all I checked nothing just carried on my vision
Wrote 'til my fingers bled got no respect or love
So now y'all can pay me back by writing out my check in blood
But pay me no mind if my records are wreckless
This time around I'm just one of you fucking depressed kids
You saw the bottle splash next see the tech sprayer
Woke in the studio chained to the board with a mini cassette player
The H in mother natures arm thru intravenous
Shook some seasons but Weathermen still who the team is
Wanna see Weathertron assemble like republicans
But when we transform it'll be just for the fuck of it

Chorus: Cage
And I got more days than left on this Earth invested 'cause this
Piece of me needs
I broke more nights just to sleep and bleed thru breakfast 'cause
This piece of me feeds
Suffered 100 pen stabs to the head up restless 'cause
This piece of me loves
Don't fuck with Weather prez I got a major deathwish 'cause
This piece of me is

Goin' to church I didn't feel right "Christian doesn't kneel right"
Tried to kill myself in music cuz I tried to do it in real life
Born with my circuitry in my programmers hands
First act of anarchy a freshmen not blendin' in with hammer pants
Sophomore graduated with unspeakable acts
You had the balls to rip me off, have 'em when I sneak up with Yak
You had Eons to pay me but money bags stallin'
Like it's not really Mi how the Mighty have fallen
I stabbed my mom and pop, label calm then stopped!!
Y'all still owe me doe time to go back to mom and pop
C'mon stop, it's silly, how did you really
Think you had Homefield Advantage in New York reppin', Philly

Chorus: Cage
Knuckles bloody no sleep seen 3 days tanked
Write or break jakws my fists still filled with teenage angst
And the only therapy is waht's read on paper funny
How the same applies to seeing blood on money
Splash you in the face with liquid nitrogen see if it freeze
Then smash you bring cats doggie I'm Vietnamese
Not sure where Heaven is but I know Hell is here
Used to stuff trees into bottles like Belvedere
Just to see clearer cracked my rear view mirror
Now the schizophrenics in it are closer than they appear or
I'm light years beyond my apocalyptic day dream
To riding around with guns in a van with my A-Team
The fire in the sky that rises to sink night
Just another morning I wake up to left to think right
The much better looking white Al Roker
After gastric bypass brings the weather its over

Chorus: Cage

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